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“Recoveco”, a very popular Spanish word, used by writers as a metaphor, means a small and tangled path or a hidden corner in an old house. It also means a snare made by someone to achieve a goal. This is the name given to the ensemble by the Venezuelan composer and mandolinist Cristóbal Soto, who, in 1996, together with the Venezuelan violinist Alexis Cárdenas, the Colombian bass player and composer Nelson Gómez and the Colombian guitarist and composer Francisco González formed this group in Paris.

“Recoveco” has thus become an acronym for the musical encounter between Venezuela and Colombia. Since then, the members of the ensemble have conquered the world’s musical scenes, performing a distinctive mix of music that happily integrates the subtlety of academic technology, the virtuosity that freely springs from their improvisations and the sensuality inherent to the Latin American traditional songs.

Therefore, we propose you an evening with dynamic rhythms, where the Venezuelan, Columbian, Argentine and Cuban music meet in an extraordinary synergy with surprising results.

The members of Recoveco are: Alexis CARDENAS – violin, Leonidas RONDON – cuatro, Nelson GOMEZ – guitarrón, Francisco GONZALEZ – guitar.