Ionuț Ștefănescu


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Ion Bogdan Ştefănescu was born on 25th of April 1969, in Romania. He made his début at the age of 14, as soloist at the Atheneum Hall. Since 1983 he had many recitals and concerts as soloist in Romania and abroad: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Czech Republic, North Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Hungary, Italy,, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Norway.
He studied at the Music Academy in Bucharest and at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA with leading Professor Alexander Murray.
He participated in many national and international music Festivals, he is laureate of many national and international competitions, he has a number of Radio and TV recordings and he published several books, being also a member of Romanian Writers Union.
He is a member of the three most important Romanian contemporary music groups:
Trio Contraste, ProContemporania and Profil.
Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu plays on a Muramatsu flute.