Dear friends of SoNoRo,

It all started in the Garden of Eden. Hiding is the first reflexive verb in the Old Testament – ‘And the man hid himself and his wife from the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden’. The roles were interchangeable – first the man seeks and hides, then the Lord calls unto the man, then the man is bound to seek for the rest of his life.

Hide-and-seek is the most ancient of games, which everybody remembers from their childhood – we all can recollect our first attempts in becoming self-aware away from our usual environment, the hope and fear of being found, the excitement of a chase. As children and adults, we all create our refuge – a place where one is still safe and surrounded by friends wishing to find you, but also a place for self-reflection, reading, thinking, a place for mystery. The act of listening to music creates just this kind of a hiding space where the listener can separate oneself from the rest of the world, go beyond the self and then come back enriched and hopefully even more receptive.

In 1794 Uvedale Price writes in his Essay on the Picturesque – ‘Intricacy in landscape might be defined as the disposition of objects, which, by a partial and uncertain concealment, excites and nourishes curiosity’. He compares landscaping to poetry and music: ‘One could call a capricious movement of Haydn picturesque’ because of the ‘sudden, unexpected transitions, certain playful wildness of character and appearance of irregularity’. To ‘excite and nourish curiosity’ is exactly what we, creators of SoNoRo, aspire to. We created an intricate landscape for you to explore – from the playfulness of The Eternal Child, the joy of discovery in Lost and Found, melancholic invocation of the past in Reverie, mystical contemplation in Seven Last Words, entering the carnival world where nothing is as it seems in Master of Games and Gulliver’s Hair, the phantom theatre stage in Opera Senza Opera, the intricate and unexpected turns of Tema con Variazioni, to the darker side of hiding from historical monstrosities and senseless cruelty in a fragile shell of the arts in In Disguise.

We have invited fabulous musicians to guide you through the labyrinths of SoNoRo Hide and Seek. We can all be Ariadne, Theseus or even Minotaur in this musical game – let’s play!

Always yours,

Diana Ketler
Artistic Director SoNoRo